Challenger 601

Aircraft Specifications
Passenger Capacity: 9
Lavatory: Full
Cruise Speed (mph): 510
Range: 3892 sm
Cabin Width: 8.2 ft
Cabin Height: 6.1 ft
Cabin Length: 28.3 ft
Baggage Capacity: 115 ft3
Aircraft Overview
The Bombardier Challenger 601 features superior cabin design providing passengers with exceptional comfort, sparing no amenities. The Challenger 601 clearly displays the benefits and refinements of over 25 years of Bombardier Aviation design and technology, maintaining their outstanding legacy of reliability and dependability.

As a Heavy Jet, this Bombardier aircraft represents their dedication to only the highest standards resulting in excellent dispatch reliability, aircraft maintainability and low operating costs, rivaling those of Super Mid-Size Jets.

Aircraft Images

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